Pre-Workout (400 gr.)

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Wielkość porcji: 9.8 g | 1 scoop
Liczba porcji: 40

  W zestawie jedna porcja DV %

Beta-alanine 3000 mg
L-arginine 2050 mg
Taurine 1000 mg
L-citrulline 1000 mg
L-tyrosine 500 mg
Caffeine 300 mg

Ingredients: 30,6% beta-alanine, 25,5% L-arginine hydrochloride, 10,2% taurine, 10,2% L-citrulline, 5,1% L-tyrosine, acidity regulators – citric acid, malic acid; anti-caking agent – silicon dioxide; 3,1% beetroot extract (Beta vulgaris L.), 3,1% caffeine, flavourings, sweeteners – acesulfame K, sucralose, cyclamates (Z); 0,08% nicotinamide – niacin, 0,05% black pepper fruit extract (Piper nigrum L.), colours: carotenes (A), carmines (B), riboflavins (C), 150c (D), E 150d (E), E 133 (F), patent blue V (G), indigo carmine (H), chlorophylls and chlorophyllins (I), curcumin (J), anthocyanins (K), paprika extract (L), betanin (M), vegetable carbon (N). (A)-(Z) – Depending on the flavour of the product for ingredients used see symbols (A-Z) beside for the date of minimum durability (best before).

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